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Parklick the all in one card holder for vehicle use, was developed by Central Visionary Projects Ltd.

in Israel as a solution for displaying the disability card on the front windshield or side window of the vehicle. The contraption is manufacture in Israel.

Parklick is an 1st worldwide innovative contraption (Patent Registered) that holds several advantages

for the end-user, comfortable, easy to use with high visibility.



  • 2 display options.

  • High visibility in the car.

  • Easy inserting and ejecting the card.

  • Doesn't make noises while driving.

  • Prevent losing the card.

  • Doesn't show personal information on the back of the card.

  • Well known and recognized by governing authorities.

  • Can hold any standard card.


For purchasing & more information please contact us:

Central Visionary Projects Ltd.

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